Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My laptop died on me last week. After weeks of acting up, it finally breathed its last. I thought it might have been a loose wire in the screen, so I bravely did what no non-qualified, non-tech-person does and looked it up online and took my screen apart. (Found a wicked website for figuring out what’s wrong with your laptop and how to fix it right here. And it's for novices. It even has photos.) Long story short: it’s not a loose wire, and I did manage to get the whole thing back together again. But it’s still broken.

The screen’s been acting up for a while, but if I twist it a bit (it lost a screw a few months back, so it’s been hanging on by just one hinge – kinda like it’s owner) I could get it to work again. This has gotten progressively worse, until one night – about ¼ of the way through ‘Breaking Dawn’ – it breathed its last and the screen gave up altogether. I managed to read a few more pages by turning the laptop on its side and kneeling on part of the screen. Yes, you read that right: kneeling on part of the screen.

I honestly felt like crying, and I still feel totally gutted. Initially I hoped that was just because girly time was approaching, but, no, it’s got more to do with mourning the loss of what has just recently become my e-book reader.

I’m trying to look on the bright side – I can still get everything off it (it’s just the screen that’s gone, so I know my info is safe), and I had backups for a lot of stuff anyway. Plus, it’s not like it was the only computer/laptop in the house. We have a family computer downstairs and my mum has a laptop, too. So I will still have at home computer access and it really doesn’t affect my internet access at all because I use my mum’s laptop for that.

So why am I upset? Well, firstly, it was mine and I like my things intact (thanks to my internal spoilt brat, working in tandem with my residual five year-old). Secondly, I don’t know if I can get it fixed. My dad, our resident tech guy, just laughed and said ‘you call that a laptop!’ Him insulting my ancient IBM ThinkPad, which only has 1 USB port and no CD-Drive, didn’t improve my mood much. Thirdly, I’ve absolutely no idea when I’m gonna get it replaced. My mum’s supposed to be getting a new one soon, which’d leave me with her old one (I hope), but God only knows when that’ll be. As for buying one myself (the grown-up, non-scrounging-off-the-parents route. Ugh) I wouldn’t even know where to start over here. Fourthly, now I can’t read any ebooks in bed anymore! *bawl*

I’m trying to keep it together, though. If I stay calm and think straight then I hope that eventually I’ll come up with a decent or even good solution to my current problem. The torch of eternal optimism shines bright, eh?

Notice, however, that work/university/research just doesn’t figure into my sadness at all. Hmmm ... I think I need to sort out my priorities.



  1. Ugh, that sucks! I've had my laptop die on me before and I thought my life had just about ended. I had done no backups, I had ALL of my pictures on there, and I had a huge paper to hand in - only copy on the laptop. I was able to recuperate everything before it gave its last breath though, thankfully...

    Hope you can get it fixed though! And if you have an iPod touch, there's an app to read ebooks on there (eReader I think)

  2. My laptop died on me about 2 years ago. It was around midterm time, so I was working on multiple papers. Also was going through a rough break up and was home sick with the flu.

    Bad timing for computer problems. I took it to Geek Squad (tech place) at like 8 pm on a Tuesday, wearing my pajamas, and I will not lie - I cried. I am sure the guys behind the counter thought I was a weirdo, but oh well!

    The computer was toast, but I was relieved that they were able to get everything off of it!

    Hope it all works out for you!!