Friday, February 12, 2010

25 Years A-Growing

Ok, so now I’m 25 (as of Thursday the 11th). What have I learnt over the past 25 years? This is just a random list, organised by the order they popped into my mind.

1)How to walk
2)How to talk
3)How to ride a bike
4)That I can’t rollerblade
5)How to knit
6)How to write
7)How to read
8)Never run in a classroom – slipped when I was 6 and hit my head off the corner of a table. I now have a dent in my skull that very convienently looks like a dimple, only it’s in the wrong place.
9)The teachers you hate in the beginning of the year you’ll love at the end of the year.
10) You never forget your best friends from pre-school or primary school, even if you never see or hear from them again.
11)Be careful not to get spattered when frying food. Burns caused by hot oil are very painful, no matter how small they are.
12)How to swim and nearly drown.
13)That I really can’t dance.
14)Or sing.
15)And I probably never will, but that’s ok.
16)Because people often find it highly entertaining to listen to someone sing badly and they can’t stop laughing when I try to dance.
17)Plans often go wrong.
18)So always have plans B and C prepared.
19)And be flexible.
20)Life is short.
21)A friend is timeless. No matter how much time passes between calls or visits, you can pick up right where you left off. And when you’re together, time is forgotten.
22)It’s the little things in life that make you smile that make life so enjoyable.
23)That washing up liquid is a pretty damn good stain remover.
24)That every day and every journey can be an adventure, if you have the right attitude.
25)That growing-up is a myth.
26)Kids films are some of the funniest around. Night at the Museum 1&2 and Bedtime Stories, anyone?
27)Never judge a book by another book. Just because you don’t like a particular book, it doesn’t mean you won’t like another book by the same author. And never, ever, EVER dismiss an entire genre. I don’t like fantasy, but I love the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I hated David Copperfield and thought I didn’t like classics, only discover that I absolutely love them. You get the idea.
28)Turning into my mother, and in turn, my grandmother, is inevitable. Get over it.
29)Just because the food may not look good, doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste great.
30)Conversely, just because the food does look good, it doesn’t mean that it won’t taste gross.
31)Moderation brings balance which brings peace.
32)Always pray, and remember God in my life.
33)You will laugh at yourself and you will be amazed at all the crazy things you did when you look back.
34)So will everyone else.
35)Hindsight is the universe’s way of saying ‘I told you so’. And it’s very annoying.
36)Uniqueness is not limited to our fingerprints, but also extends to our smiles, our laughs and our voices.
37)Loneliness and being alone are mutually exclusive, despite their occasional overlapping.
38)Education and academic success are not the same thing.Nothing beats a good teacher.
39)Nothing beats a good teacher.
40)A good teacher teaches their subject and important life lessons.
41)It takes years to get over a bad teacher. If ever.
42)My parents did their best and there is nothing more that I could ask for.
43)Practice is key.
44)As is persistence.

And, umm, that's all I can think of. :D


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you celebrate this weekend!!!!

  2. What a great list!! Happy Belated Birthday - enjoy your weekend my dear!

  3. Love the list! 13-16 made me laugh out loud. :)

    Happy happy birthday to you!