Monday, February 1, 2010

January Feeling, February Plan

Over the past month I've focused a lot on writing. I've bought myself a notebook which I carry around with me at all times and in it I write ... whatever I feel like writing. All the posts I published in January came from that notebook, but I've written almost twice as much (if not more). I feel like it's a really good way to develop the habit of writing and of noting more interesting stuff down, so that I don't forget and then write a load of crap on here.

My problem now is that I'm not posting enough. I'm simply not typing up what I write. This needs fixing and I'm hoping that, as January was the month I focused on writing, February will be the month I focus on typing up my writing and then posting more regularly. I think that if I have some posts written up already, it'll make the whole process of posting regularly easier. We shall see.

Overall, I'd say that January's been a good month. I managed to save most of my earnings (which wasn't much, but hey *shrug*), I started some pretty good habits, hopefully finished all my paperwork run-around (it's the paperwork run-around that's the reason I didn't get to post at all last week), got back into reading in a MAJOR way and generally kept up with almost everything. So I feel kinda smug :D but also really motivated to make February even better. My milestone birthday - a quarter of a century on God's green earth! - will be here in little over a week, and I intend to do some serious long-term planning, soul-searching, and question-answering to mark it. I'm fed up with the drifting already.

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  1. Exciting that your birthday is coming up! I think those are some great goals for Feb. Honestly, the more you DO blog the more you'll WANT to blog!