Saturday, March 29, 2008

I feel defeated

Today, right now, i feel defeated. I'm swamped with far too much to do and when i sit down to do anything it seems to snowball. Everytime i divide up a task into smaller chunks, i find out that each chunk is actually WAY bigger than i expected. Therefore i get none of the important things i need to do done.

The frustrating thing is that leaves me feeling defeated, yet if i'd done the less important tasks i'd have felt some satsifaction from completing them, but then i'd also feel like a procrastinator. It's these lose-lose situations that i make me want to go to bed and stay there.

Alright, so in the name of being positive, i'm going to list what i actually did do today:
-learnt two pages of Qur'an

(just spilt milk all over the mouse mat, with mouse on it. Bugger!) (EUGH) (i'll sort it later)

-revised about 2.5 pages of Qur'an
-started a low-gi diet
-took the low-gi diet book out (HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT)
-carried out research online for two sections of one my research project
-watched Grey's Anatomy (which means i don't have to watch the repeat tomorrow!)

That's it. I mean seriously, it's a bad day when watching Grey's Anatomy is counted as an accomplishment.

Anyways, guess what? Tomorrow is another day and i get to have another chance at getting it right. Here's to hoping and praying.