Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Exam time again

It's that time of year again: the end of 1st semester exams. Whilst i'm obviously a dab hand at exams by now, i'm finding myself suffering from some exam anxiety. This is a whole, totally and completely new feeling for me. Normally i feel fine and my bowel does the whole stress thing - a perk, i felt, of having IBS: no need to worry, my gut does it for me! However, this time around has been somewhat different: my tummy is pain free, but i have headaches and i actually feel stress! I think it's because it's my last year at uni and i've just realised that i didn't do evertything i wanted to do these past few years, added to the fact that i have no idea as to what i actually want to do with my life. And i want to do well in my exams - i want to leave uni with a bang, not a pathetic whimper.
And so the panic sets in. On the plus side, i've started doing things i wasn't doing before and i have a potential job or two lined up for when i am finished uni. The things i'm doing now are:
Memorising / Reading more Qur'an
Watching less TV
Eating better (more fiber, less crap)

One other thing i wanted to mention is that as i have been under some stress for a while now, due to other things that have been going on, i've lost some weight - about 3kgs (6lbs), and i feel way better for it. Now, don't get me wrong, my weight isn't a major problem, and some would even argue that i don't need to lose any weight, but this little bit has transformed my life. I have some problems with my insulin levels and this is helping me to feel oh so much better. Now i just have to keep it off.