Friday, November 5, 2010

La Vida Loca

When I posted over a week ago I honestly thought that the crazy of my life was over. I was very wrong. Since that last post I sat The Last Ever Exam of my life (hopefully). My parents left for a trip to Makkah for Hajj (pilgramage), leaving me in charge at home for a full month. I've started teaching English classes again. And the cherry on the cake is that I've only just discovered that the final deadline for my thesis proposal is the 15th of November.

All this has got me wondering if my life is ever gonna be anything less than crazy. Maybe it's just life in general. Maybe it's my procrastination that's resulted in me having to do a ton of stuff last minute (especially with regards to my thesis proposal). Maybe I'm trying to do too much...

Whatever the reason, I can't see it changing any time soon. I'm gonna have to get on with it all. And learn to make time for the things that I love to do, like blogging, exercising, reading, watching TV, etc. Knowing my abilities regarding self-discipline and putting things off, I won't be holding my breathe for any serious breakthrough any time soon.

Does your life get this crazy? And if it does, how often does it get crazy? Cause it feels like my life has been crazy for waaaaaaaaaaayy too long now.

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  1. I kind of love it when my life is crazy ;-) I probably don't say that WHEN it's crazy though!

    Right now my life has been slow for the last month or so but it's starting to pick back up with work getting busier, new freelance opportunities cropping up and me getting back into a workout routine. The craziest my life ever was was my last year of college though, I was literally gone from the house for 12-15 hours every single day and running from one thing to the next the entire time. I don't really miss THAT kind of craziness!