Friday, March 5, 2010

Introvert / Extrovert Epiphany

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All week I've been mulling over my loner tendencies. I like my own space, my own time, and I can't be around people all the time. That said, I have no problem talking to people, making friends with people, being the centre of attention (must admit: I totally kinda love that one!), etc, etc, etc. In short, I appear, to all intents and purposes, to be a people person. But I'm really not. I can go weeks without seeing/phoning/chatting to people, and I'm not exaggerating - I have actually gone weeks without social interaction. It's fine by me. What's more, I hate it when I have to interact with people for extended periods of time, or worse: for undefined periods of time. I need my own little bubble of space and time to just be.

Basically, I'm not shy or reserved (if you ever met me in person, you'd know just how true this is) and I do enjoy being with people to a degree, but there's one very big but: I need recovery time from being with people.

Today I read something that suddenly makes sense out of all of this for me. It was this post on Ben's blog (Ben, by the way, is a hysterically funny guy).
What he wrote was:

"... an introvert is someone who loses energy to social interactions unlike extroverts who gain energy from them."

Cha-Ching! Perfect sense. It's an epiphany! I'm an introvert because I lose energy from my social interactions, even though I'm kind of a people person in the sense that I interact with ease.

Well, with ease when I'm not offending/bugging anyone.


  1. Haha Ben put it very well in his post. I'm like that too, well I don't think I could go WEEKS without talking to people. But a day or two for sure! I usually like to be social during the day and have my nights to myself and I like to have at least ONE weekend day to myself!

  2. I am also an introvert. I enjoy being around people, especially if it involves me telling stories that make them laugh. But I don't get 'charged' from being around people. The older I get, the more I appreciate my alone time. Especially after living alone for the 5+ years. I worry that I will have a very hard time merging my life w/ another when/if I get married!!

  3. I am introverted too, in fact I heard the majority of people test that way on MBTI. My problem is that my husband and kids are all extremely extroverted and they just do not understand me. Not like I understand them either... :)