Thursday, October 1, 2009

Procrastinating stresshead

Ok, so I've registered to enter the Masters entrance exam at uni. Now all I have to do is revise. Why didn't I revise all summer when I knew that there was a strong likelihood that I would be going in for this exam? Because I'm a first-class procrastinator. (Seriously, I'm real good at procrastinating. I have it down to a fine art. But that's a whole other blog post.) The net result of all that procrastination is that I am now trying to cram in all my revision. And there's a lot to revise.

A hell of a lot.

As a result I have become a stresshead. I've divised a nice, overly-ambitious study program that is going to kill me if I actually stick with (it involves giving up sleep, food, fun, socialising and everything else), and will stress me out no end if I don't. Basically, I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.

You know what the best bit is? (This is good.) I'm gonna be fasting for the next few weeks. Yep, it's Ramadhan, take two (making up the days I missed due to lady-times, plus the six extra days of this month).

So, obviously, this is the best time to re-start my exercise program. I started the 30 Day Shred (again) today, and Oh My God it nearly killed me. This time, I'm fairly sure I'm not gonna last the full 30 Days. I'm just trying to get through these 13 days, and then I'll deal with everything else after that.

Does that count as procrastinating again?

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