Sunday, October 18, 2009

Feeling disheartened

I'm feeling a little down at the moment. It just seems that, of all the things that I was planning on doing work-wise, none of those things are going to be at all possible. I already mentioned that I'm waiting for confirmation that I have failed my Masters entrance exam, and today I found out that I won't be getting a teaching job any time soon. The place is not looking for positions in the location near me, and as I have yet to get my driving license, I am very much restricted.

I've been meaning to get my license since I was old enough to, but, well... it just hasn't happened yet. Boy, do I regret it now.

I'm also concerned that the translation jobs are very competitive, and I don't seem to have the right credentials. Basically, it all feels a little hopeless at the moment.

Having said that, I'm not doing anything to maximise my chances of getting a job. I've thought of a few things, but I have yet to put them into action. Instead, I'm focusing on craft projects. Ahh, the art of procrastination: leave what you really have to do, for something that you feel that you have to do.

I'm also beginning to think about how I'm going to maintain my workout routine at a good intensity after I've finished the 30-Day Shred (I've reached the half way point, so I feel like it's sufficiently near to think about). I'd like to mix up workouts and do a variety of different programs, but I'm afraid that I might lose my rhythm if I do that.

So, my life at the moment is full of a lot of 'we'll see', which I guess, is not all that hopeless after all really.

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