Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Climbing out of the rut

I've decided to start doing and try to climb out of the crater-sized laziness rut i've got myself into. As an incentive i have an exam in Qur'an memorisation next Tuesday, and i'm hoping to have got back on the whole memorising thing again. I also have to revise some other subjects by next week, which shouldn't be too hard.

I've also been meaning to buy a tv for myself - believe me, it would actually help things, and not make them worse. I need to get back to my yoga video, plus i'm more disciplined about watching dvds than i am with the tv. With the tv, i decide i'm only going to watch x and end up channel-flicking afterwards and watch a load of other rubbish too. with the dvds i just watch the film and then switch off. see the difference? Anyway, i need to get me a tv, and when last i was in the uk i saw one for £20. Do you think i can find it online now? no. i want to ask some friends to buy it for me as they will be coming by car and have the space, but i don't want them having to trapse all around the town just for a bloody tv! So i'm just gonna look on ebay and see what that throws up.

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