Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Five

I haven't been able to think of anything to blog about recently, mainly because I haven't felt like blogging or doing anything that might count as constructive. Except make huge lemon meringue pies, but even that could be considered destructive in terms of my overall diet and health. :D But I got this idea from Amber who's doing the same thing today.


Before my mum went away she cooked some meals and put them in the freezer for the days when I'll be at uni. I skipped uni several days this week, but have been using them anyway, which means that I've only cooked one meal from scratch this week. That's how lazy I've been.


I am now, for the first time in my life, addicted to reality TV, specifically Discovery's T&L (TLC in the US) channel. I'm glued to Cake Boss, Say Yes to the Dress, What Not to Wear, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant (now that's what I call an Oh-My-God show) and even Miami Ink. What's wrong with me??? It actually feels like my brain is frying. I've gotta stop this.


I have still yet to get back to an exercise routine. It's May already. Heck, it's the end of May - next week is the first week of June. My aim is to work out today.


University is officially depressing me. For some reason that is completely beyond my comprehension, we don't finish this summer until mid JULY. Then we get a two month summer holiday, followed by another month of uni before we do our 2nd Semester exams. Shoot me please.

On the plus side, I have perfected the art of skipping lectures: out of the three lectures I missed this week, two were cancelled at the last minute. :D


Yesterday I finally caught up with my Google Reader. It took me around three hours, but I really felt that I didn't have an excuse to click the 'mark all as read' button when I've done nothing all week. I'm actually really proud of myself for catching up.


  1. Well done on catching up on google reader. I hate when mine gets out of control!! It stresses me out... and then I remind myself that reading blogs is a hobby! Who gets stressed by a hobby? Ridic.

    If it makes you feel any better, I haven't turned on my over in, um, I can't remember how long. And I haven't turned on my stove for anything besides scrambled eggs in about a month. I have been living off of baked potatoes that I make in the microwave. Last night I got home and was so exhausted from my 6 mile run, I was goign to jsut skip dinner... but then I forced myself to eat. I had some corn (made in the microwave) and some sherbet (ice cream type dessert thingy). I need to get my eating back on track!

  2. Random bullets can be lifesavers when it comes to blogging ;)

    Skipping classes was my expertise in Uni, ESPECIALLY at the end of a semester!!

    After my trip and being sick my exercise is SO OFF TRACK too. I neeeed to get back on track next week!