Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday Reminder

Wednesdays are my early morning days, as it's the only day of the week that I have to leave home at 7.15am (ish). (The rest of the days I get to leave home at 8.30ish.) It's not that big a deal though, because I only have one lecture and it's finished by 10.30am, so I'm home for dinner (I prefer to eat my main meal as early as possible). This tends to mean that I'm often extremely tempted to go shopping on my way home.

For some reason, Wednesdays are also my 'Ooooh! That's cute' days. You know, the days when you see loads of stuff and think 'Oooh! That's sooo cute! It'd look great with *insert any wardrobe/household item*'. I notice what other people are wearing, I see all the lovely clothes through shop doors and the shoes in the window displays... and I want it all!

As I finish early, it's very tempting to go shopping on the way home. However, this adoration of stuff is remarkably short-lived. In fact, I'm usually over all the cute stuff by the time I get to uni. Why? Because it's the only morning I hit the rush hour traffic and take forever to get to uni. Once, I was so late I actually missed my lecture. The only lecture I have to attend. I was so annoyed.

Anyway, back to topic. Being stuck in traffic on a bus that takes the busiest route, is a great incentive to save money to pay for my driving lessons, and therefore not shop. It's also a weekly reminder that keeps me on goal. Net result? I've now got enough money to pay for all the lessons. (I wanted to have all the money together before I start, just in case I somehow lose my income - I like to cover all bases.) I'm so proud of myself.

But now I seriously need to go on a shopping trip. I've only bought ONE pair of shoes this year and 11 DVDs. That's it. I need retail therapy!


  1. Ahh, gotta love retail therapy. You are due for a little shopping! I have also barely shopped this year. when I was at my last job, I was just too exhausted on the weekends to shop. And now I am just on too tight of a budget.... but in a month or so I am goign to treat myself to SOMETHING. Most likely a fun sun dress of some sort that can be paired with a cardigan and worn to work, but would also be date appropriate. Maybe if I buy a date dress, a date will actually happen. Probably not but hey - it's worth a shot, right? :)

  2. For some reason I have been in need of some MAJOR retail therapy these days!!! I need to do a big shopping spree ... but first I have to wait for a big pay check!