Monday, May 19, 2008

Trying to stay upbeat

Since my last real post I must say I'm doing loads better.
I've passed 4/11 modules awaiting confirmation on another one and not sure regarding another 3. Which, all in all, means i've only definitly failed 3. That's not too bad. My revision for most of my exams has been really good, i've memorised a lot of Qur'an since the last post i've finished all my research assignments and handed them in on time and have managed to keep my hair in good condition and my room tidy. Not bad altogether.
I've also gone out places with friends and started to seriously invest in my dvd collection. I am happy with how pretty good i've been these past two months.
My pet nuisances now are mainly centred on the fact that i don't have a tv of my own. It's seriously bugging me now, especially with the dvds. and also, i need to get back to the gym. Inshallah Allah will make that easy for me. I'm afraid that my former gym instructer who was teaching my how to instruct aerobics classes may well treat me as a normal client, or be sceptical about depending on me as i haven't been around for a while. Her loss if she does. But it means i'll have to go looking elsewhere. which i might do anyway, cos she moved premises and i heard that her latest are rather basic.
Anyways, we'll see.

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